Power Wheels

2022 Bond County Fair Power Wheels

Saturday, August 6, 2022 − 7:00 PM
Paul Schreiber ♦ (618) 781-8731
Brian Ulmer ♦ (618) 410-3280
The Power Wheels Derby will begin at 7:00 PM.

If you cannot bring your own power wheels, up to 20 power wheels will be provided the night of the event. Children ages 3 to 7 interested in participating will be called to the infield at 7:00 PM. Children will draw numbers to determine who will participate in the event. Power wheels are the property of the promoter and must be returned at the conclusion of the power wheels class.

All children must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian who must sign a consent form for the child to participate in the class. Both the child and adult must pay for attendance to the Demolition Derby.

Power Wheels Class Rules
1. Drivers ages 3 to 7 will be allowed to compete.
2. If you bring your own vehicle and it meets the requirements in the rules below, you will be guaranteed to participate.
3. No 4-wheelers, motorcycles, Gators, big side-by-sides or power wheels without side leg protection will be allowed to compete. (Jeeps are okay.)
4. No reinforcements of any kind.
5. All participants must wear a seatbelt. If your power wheels does not have a seatbelt, then modify it so it does.
6. All participants MUST wear a helmet. Bicycle, motorcycle, or baseball helmets are okay.
7. No car batteries are allowed. It has to have a power wheels battery, small lawn mower battery, or small 4-wheeler battery.
8. All batteries must be strapped down. You can move the battery from under the hood, but it must be strapped down and covered.
9. No foam, water, or self-tapping screws allowed in tires. Must be factory wheels and tires.
10. All hoods and any loose parts (doors, tailgates, etc.) must use self-tapping screws, tape, and/or zip ties to remain securely closed.

**This is strictly fun for the kids. All children will receive a ribbon for participating.**